• Advance manufacturing process: RoHs
  • Manufacturing information integrated Test system. Microwave RF Test System
  • uBGA/LGAs/SIPs/CSPs/MCM/LCC up to 0.5mm bump pitch
  • Chip component mounting accuracy of ±30um accuracy (1.25 mils)
  • Printing accuracy ±25um (1 mil)
  • Glue dot dispensing R&R ±76um (3 mils)
  • 0402/0201/01005 chip components with 0.15mm interplanar specings
  • Leadless chip carrier
  • Flip chip (AU Stud Bumping)
Manufacturing Services
Christel supports High and Low-mix PCB and advance assembly for volumes that range from just a few units for prototypes, to modest quantities for pre-production, to hundreds of thousands in volume production.
A. Semiconductor Contract Manufacturing
       Semiconductor and PCB Capabilities
  • 0201s and 01005s
  • SIP
  • MCMs
  • MCOB
  • COC
  • COF
  • COB
  • CSPs
  • OCLPP & OMLPP (Patent Pending)
  • Double sided, mirrored BGA assembly
  • Double sided, single reflow processing
  • Fine pitch high pin count press fit connectors
  • uFlip chip
  • Lead-free assembly 
  • uBGA
  • Bare die attach
  • Continuous flow SMT lines
B. Advanced PCBA, Box Build and Testing Contract Manufacturing
       Advanced Assembly (SMT & Box Build) Capabilities
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